Remembering Karon Picton

15th June 2023

In a heartfelt tribute to honour the memory of a cherished colleague and friend, Karon Picton, a group of friends and loved ones gathered at Amber House to release ten butterflies one year after her untimely bereavement in 2022.

The atmosphere was filled with reflection and cheerful celebration as parents and young children joined in this touching gesture to commemorate a life that touched so many.

In the beautiful garden of Amber House, friends of Karon came together to pay their respects. Butterflies, often seen as symbols of transformation and new beginnings, were chosen because they were Karon’s favourites and to represent her spirit and impact on all of Amber Family.

The event served as an opportunity to come together and celebrate the life of Karon Picton.

As Karon’s best friend and Amber Family colleague Diana released the butterflies after reading a lovely verse in her memory, parents and young children, who were also present, were reminded of the incredible person their late friend and colleague had been.

Surrounded by friends, resident parents, and their young children, the release of ten butterflies became a poignant and meaningful way to remember Karon.

Her memory will forever remain in the hearts of those who knew her.