NHS Birthday

5th July 2022

Today (5th July 2022) marks the 74th birthday of the NHS.

The NHS was founded in 1948, by a man named Aneurin Bevan. He believed that good healthcare should be accessible for everyone, meet the needs of everyone, and be free!

The decision to introduce the NHS came after the first and second world wars. People were used to living with not much money, and so it was a very welcome idea.

Before the NHS was created, people in Britain usually had to pay for any treatment that they needed, or rely on the goodwill of voluntary hospitals, which were often run by churches.

The NHS is one of the world’s largest employers, with 1.3 million employees. The NHS is a network of staff, who can share ideas and enterprise new technology.

As a part of the celebrations for the NHS Birthday, NHS Charities Together is asking NHS trusts and charities across Britain to get involved in the NHS Big Tea. You can find out some more information about the Big Tea here: NHS Big Tea 2022 – NHS Charities Together.