Lovely Feedback for Amber House!

23rd October 2020
It’s always lovely to receive well deserved acknowledgment for the hard work each and every member of our staff puts into their role. Here is some that the staff at Amber House was recently given;

“I am the court team social worker for a client who has been residing at Amber House.

I am really impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff, as well as their empathy and enthusiasm to support parents to achieve a good outcome.

I have had a particularly good experience with the Key Worker who has supported with my client.

Their Key Worker is a very knowledgeable, caring, empathic social worker who has enthusiasm in providing support to the residents.

I have been very pleased with the level of communication I had with the Key Worker and all the staff at Amber House, through the regular updates I have received in respect to the assessment progress on my client, in the form of regular copies of the reports provided. These reports are professionally balanced, easy to read for any audience, and the comprehensive logs provided are very useful.

I had a very pleasant professional experience working with the client’s Key Worker and all the staff at Amber House.”

-Social Worker