Amber Care Family


“No one ever said this cancer journey would be easy. This week we got the news that Lucy’s cancer is stable. She is really well and really strong in herself and most importantly she continues to be the happy, smiley little girl that we know and love. She eats well and sleeps well and is no longer weak or in pain like she was in the lead up to her diagnosis. While she’s been at home in between treatments, she has benefited from a home tutor for 3 days a week and keeps up with her school work as much as she can. She has also recently started gymnastics again!

This week, Lucy had her last chemotherapy (for now at least) before the Wright family embark on the next stage of treatment. Not what they expected but the next stage of treatment will take them to London for specialist intensive radiotherapy treatment. For now, they wait for a date. Despite this journey presenting them with a few twists and turns they remain positive about the next stage of treatment.