Cervical Screening Awareness Week

22nd June 2022

Cervical screening, which is more commonly known as a smear test, checks the health of your cervix. It is not testing for cancer, it is helping to prevent cancer. All women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 should be invited for a smear test by letter at least once every five years, but more often it is every 3 years.

It is very important that you attend your appointment for your smear test, as more than 3000 women and people with a cervix are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year in the UK.

Lots of people are nervous about getting a smear test. This is normal, however, it is nothing to worry about. It is a simple and painless 5-10 minute procedure. It sometimes helps to talk to other people like friends about their experiences. There are also lots of videos you can watch that talk you through the process, which may make you feel more relaxed.

To find out some more about the smear test, visit the Macmillan website – Smear test – Macmillan Cancer Support