Amber Care Family

Case Studies

Beth, Tom & Annie

Beth, Tom and Annie came to Amber House with their first child Annie. Annie was placed on an Interim Care Order; the Local Authority were worried about Beth’s mental health and her ability to parent Annie safely. They were also worried that Beth would not work with them and would be unwilling to work with staff at Amber House.

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Sarah, Mark and Nicholas

Sarah, Mark and Nicholas were referred to Amber Family and began their placement when Nicholas was 5 days old. when they arrived. Nicholas was subject to an Interim Care order.

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Maddison & Freya

Maddison was referred to Amber Family on 28th August 2018 and began her placement with Freya, who was 8 weeks old.  Maddison was living with her boyfriend, Kevin (Freya’s father) at the time in a flat. The Local Authority were concerned about Freya’s health and wellbeing due to Kevin’s previous history and whether Maddison was able to keep Freya safe when Kevin was around.

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Tania & Erin

Tanya became involved with the Local Authority as family members were very concerned about her being in a relationship which involved domestic abuse and having a young child, so they made contact with the Local Authority who visited Tanya to carry out an assessment. They advised Tanya to move out of the property that she was sharing with her boyfriend and suggested she should go to live with her Grandmother for a while, which she did. During the time that Tanya lived with her Grandmother, the Local Authority raised concerns that Tanya’s daughter Erin was being emotional neglected.

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