Amber House & Lodge – We’re Good!

10th October 2017

Amber House & Lodge were recently visited by two OFSTED Inspectors on an unannounced inspection. The findings of their two day inspection was that we “Good”! Specific mention was made of our incredible staff team and the report outlines; 

“A key feature of these residential family centrs is the quality of relationships between staff and families. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, and relationships are mutually respectful. This enables parents to feel safe and secure throughout their assessment.

Staff are genuine, caring and transparent, and are committed to helping parents to make meaningful progress to overcome past difficulties. Staff are skilled and experienced, and provide families with good quality individual support and guidance during their assessments.

The assessments of families are rigorous and provide very clear recommendations to court based on detailed evidence gathered over a 12-week period.

The final assessment report is child focused. The language used in the report is jargon-free, evaluative and empathetic. This makes the report accessible and meaningful to parents.

The safeguarding arrangements in the centre are effective, and child protection runs through all aspects of the centre’s practice.” 

Well done to our brilliant team – at both houses – you are what makes us!