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Mum and Dad's Groups

At Amber Grange, we hold Mum’s and Dad’s Group weekly. Mum’s Group is run 1pm-3pm every Tuesday and Dad’s Group every Monday 1pm-3pm. This gives parents the opportunity to mix with all parents from our other settings, as well as visiting different places within the community with their child which will enhance development and learning.  The groups are run on a ‘rota’, so each week there are different activities and places to visit. These include, but are not limited to; swimming, sensory sessions, trips to the park, community-based parent groups at the Children’s Centre and indoor play areas.

Craft Club

At Amber Grange we appreciate the need for development and bonding between parents and their children. At Craft Club we offer some fun activities with some of our very ‘crafty’ staff who enjoy messy play, painting, sand and water play. We make cards for birthdays and other celebrations and all parents enjoy updating their Memory Boxes to take with them when they leave Amber Grange.  If anyone is interested in making anything specific, as long as we have the materials in the house, anything can be made!



At Amber Grange (Lodge / House) whether rain or shine, there are lots of indoor and outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained. We also go out for day trips and we often book a coach and travel with families from the other settings to places around the North West; Farmer Ted’s, Chester Zoo and Blue Planet are all favourite days out! Parents are notified where we will be going in advance and they are supported and encouraged to save the small fee for admission; this also provides evidence for the assessment that parents are able to budget their weekly income. Staff accompany the families on these days out and there’s never a shortage of staff wanting to work on “trip day”!

Activity Calendar


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