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Career Opportunities

Great news!

Amber Family are recruiting!

Keep an eye out for interview dates on social media, but if you think Amber Family seems like a good fit for you, please email to request a copy of our application form.

(please note that no CVs will be accepted)



How long have you worked at Amber and what is your role?

 I’ve worked at Amber for almost 6 months now as a support worker, working mainly nights and weekends.

What were you doing before, and how long did you do that for?

Before Amber, I was a beauty therapist. I did this for 5 years straight from leaving college so it’s all I’d ever known work-wise.

What made you decide to apply for the role at Amber?

As I had started Beauty Therapy at age 17, I decided I wanted a change. There was no opportunity for me to progress any further, and I wanted to move into a completely different career, so I thought I’d take the plunge and give it a go.

How did you find the recruitment process (shadow shifts etc)?

The recruitment process is quite different, and before being offered a job, I was invited to do shadow shifts. This was really good as it gave me the chance to experience the job, and I was able to see whether it was something I really wanted to do! I think the shadow shifts are necessary for a job like this, as I was able to get a feel for everything and really understand what the job was about.

 What do you like about working here?


I’ve never worked with such an amazing team. Every single person is brilliant, and there is no negative atmosphere. Everyone is so supportive and helpful, and nothing is too much trouble.

Every day is different and I like that I never know what to expect when I’m coming into work – there’s never a dull day!! The job is so interesting and has given me the opportunity to work with people from all different walks of life.

There are also so many training and development opportunities at Amber, and I’m confident that I’ll really be able to progress here and pick up new skills and qualifications.

Would you recommend Amber to others looking for a new role?


Anything else?

I was wary about applying for the job in the first place as I had absolutely no experience in this field, but I’d say to anyone that you just need to go for it!!